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Building your immunity by eating more garlic and onions

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28 May

Building your immunity by eating more garlic and onions

All kinds of vegetables have their own properties and important for good health and the immune system. Proper intake of multiple types of vegetables will give us excellent health, stamina, and power to fight with diseases as well. Two such vegetables are garlic and onion.

Garlic has excellent antiviral and antifungal properties. It helps us in prevention from yeast infections and being used by human beings for hundreds of years. Garlic also helps us in reducing bad cholesterol level and also has a compound which improves the immune system of a human being in fighting against germs.


Garlic has a special compound which is named ``alliin`` and when we crush it or chew it this compound gets converted into ``allicin`` which is the main and active ingredient in garlic.

This ingredient is responsible for color and taste of garlic and it contains sulfur and very soon it gets converted into another compound which also contains sulfur. All these properties of garlic help us to boost our immune system and also help in fighting against germs and infections.

Garlic is also helpful in prevention from cold and flu. A person who consumes garlic is able to fight and prevent such infections. We can maximize the benefits of garlic in multiple ways. Such as to increase allicin content we can cut garlic into slices or we can crush it also. We can use garlic after ten minutes after crushing it and we should try to consume more and more garlic as we can. Except for these benefits garlic help us to regulate blood sugar level, it helps us to lower blood pressure level and more.

Onions have also many useful properties for human beings. Onion has medicinal properties also which help us in treatments of headaches, mouth sores, heart-related diseases and more. Onion is a vegetable packed with nutrients. Onions have good amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fiber and it is high in vitamin C. All these properties of onions are helpful in tissue repairing, iron absorption and more. Onions have antioxidants and compounds which are helpful in fighting with inflammation. Onion also helps us in decreasing triglycerides, it lowers down bad cholesterol level and all of these are important factors in reducing the risk of heart-related disease. Onions have many other properties also like it is full of antioxidants, it has compounds that are helpful in fighting against cancer.
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